Our attorneys are four among only six attorneys in Ohio who specialize in working with exclusively with trafficked and exploited persons.


Executive Director and senior staff attorney

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 700

Megan K. Mattimoe, founded Advocating Opportunity, a program in Toledo, Ohio which is dedicated to advising and protecting trafficked and exploited persons. Founded in 2011, AO was the first organization in Ohio to provide holistic, comprehensive, trauma-informed legal services to all trafficked and exploited persons. As Executive Director and Staff Attorney at AO, Ms. Mattimoe provides direct legal services and advocacy for both minors and adults, females and males, and domestic and international trafficking victims; provides technical consultation on trafficking cases; and advocates for policy and legislative initiatives regarding trafficking at the local, state, and federal levels. Ms. Mattimoe serves on the Legal and Legislative Subcommittee of the Ohio Human Trafficking Commission, the Protocols Subcommittee of the Lucas County Human Trafficking Coalition, and the Policy Committee of the Freedom Network. She has worked closely in conjunction with law enforcement and government officials to identify the best practices for prosecuting human traffickers and protecting individuals, including her efforts to assist in writing, and passing, Ohio’s Safe Harbor Law, one of the most sweeping revisions of such laws in the United States, and Ohio’s End Demand Act.

Ms. Mattimoe has assisted with, and participated in, dozens of interviews and cases involving trafficked and exploited minors and adults conducted by Special Agents and Victim Specialists with the FBI and local law enforcement and has worked with the Innocence Lost Task Force in Northwest Ohio for over seven years. Ms. Mattimoe also trains attorneys, guardians ad litem, courts, service providers, and law enforcement throughout Ohio to work with trafficked and exploited persons. Currently, Ms. Mattimoe is one of only two guardians ad litem appointed through the Juvenile Court to work with the FBI representing trafficked and exploited minors, the other is Ms. Kizzy Williams, a Client Advocate at AO.

She is a recipient of a 2015 Jefferson Award for her work with AO and is a 2015 Fellow with the Ohio State Bar Foundation. In 2014 the Ohio State Bar Foundation awarded AO with the honor of being its Outstanding Organization of the Year for 2014. Ms. Mattimoe has eight years experience as an attorney in litigation at both the trial and appellate levels, and over six years experience working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Innocence Lost Task Force in Northwest Ohio. She also has over twenty years experience in public service work including four years as an outreach worker with the YWCA Rape Crisis Center. Ms. Mattimoe is a member of the Emerging Leaders Council with Legal Aid of Western Ohio and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality. She also served as member of the board for the Toledo Womens Bar Association from 2010-2012. Ms. Mattimoe graduated cum laude from the University of Toledo, College of Law in 2007 with Juris Doctor in International Law and is completing a Masters Degree in International Relations, Law and Policy, focusing on human trafficking in humanitarian and international human rights law.

Catherine Hoolahan, jd

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 701

Ms. Hoolahan provides direct legal services and advocacy for trafficked and exploited persons, including working as a guardian ad litem for minors and legal counsel for adults. Ms. Hoolahan has over twenty-seven years experience as an attorney in litigation practice including general civil law practice, intentional tort law, personal injury law, labor law, civil rights, and criminal defense. She has worked extensively with victims of abuse, specifically representing survivors of clergy abuse in Ohio. Ms. Hoolahan is a 1986 graduate of the University of Toledo, College of Law and holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum Design for Early Education from Columbia University in New York.


Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 705

Ms. Dunlap provides direct legal services and advocacy to trafficked and exploited persons. She represents clients in a variety of legal matters including immigration, criminal defense, domestic relations, and civil proceedings. She also provides technical consultation on anti-trafficking best-practices, policy, court programming, and legislation.

Emily received her J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law in 2014. She graduated from Ohio University in 2010, receiving her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Women & Gender Studies. Prior to joining Advocating Opportunity, Emily was The OSU Mortiz College of Law’s Greif Fellow in Juvenile Human Trafficking, representing exploited and trafficked children in a wide variety of legal proceedings.

leah reibel, jd
staff attorney

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 704

Leah Reibel appears in Court for victims of labor and human trafficking, and attempts to resolve their legal problems.  She represents clients seeking visitation, shared parenting, and custody of their children; as well as assisting with obtaining dissolutions and divorces.  She also represents clients charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses.   In Juvenile Court, Ms. Reibel serves as a Guardian ad Litem for juvenile victims of human trafficking. 

Ms. Reibel has been engaged in the private practice of law since 1997, practicing primarily in the areas of domestic relations and criminal defense. Ms. Reibel graduated from the District of Columbia School of Law, cum laude.  Her community involvement has included working at the Choices Shelter for Battered Women in Columbus, Ohio, and volunteering at the Worthington Food Pantry.

Shyanne Coe-Riddle, jd
staff attorney

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 709

Shyanne Coe-Riddle, a native of Nashville, Tennessee received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Middle Tennessee State University, where she double minored in Art and Journalism. She completed her Juris Doctor at the Nashville School of Law and was admitted to the Tennessee Bar in 2016.

Driven by a strong sense of community responsibility and the desire to enact positive social change, Ms. Coe-Riddle has dedicated her time to various charities, benefits and non-profit organizations. She founded and operated an Arts Therapy Summer Program for The Next Door at Freedom Recovery Community, has been active with the Boys and Girls Club of America, and continues her community service with Habitat for Humanity preparing Last Will and Testaments through a Pro Bono Wills clinic.

Aside from her work for AO, her community work, and social activism, Ms. Coe-Riddle assists a prominent local public defender in death penalty appeals, criminal trials, and appeals at both the state and federal level. At AO, Ms. Coe-Riddle works as a Staff Attorney and will open the Nashville, Tennessee office of AO in 2017.


Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 706

Kizzy Williams has been working in the field addressing issues related to human trafficking for over ten years. She has earned with honors a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and a Masters Degree in Public Health with a focus on Health Promotion and Education. With her background she has developed a variety of skills in areas such as case management, intake, assessments, group and individual interventions, human trafficking prevention, crisis management, program management and development, community collaborations, and public speaking.

bridget connelly, JD

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 707

grace tellez
client advocate

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 710

chalsea demecs
intake and outreach coordinator

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 711

Jessica Jackson
intake and outreach coordinator

Phone (toll-free): (855) 855-1945, Ext. 712



katherine proudman, University of Michigan, School of Social Work

Katie grew up in West Virginia and graduated from University of Vermont with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology. For three years following college, Katie worked in community outreach and service project management for MLS WORKS, the philanthropic arm of Major League Soccer in New York City. Between 2011-2016, Katie was living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She was a Program Director and implemented experiential education and personal development programming for youth and adults throughout Southeast Asia. 

Katie is currently an MSW Candidate at University of Michigan School of Social Work. She is studying clinical practice with youth and families. She is passionate about creating safe spaces for individuals and communities to grow, learn and connect.